It’s Catholic Schools Week, and we salute all those in the Precious Blood family who are ministering or have ministered at Catholic schools. May God bless all Catholic school students, faculty, administrators, staff and alumni, plus the families that support them.

Catholic schools where Missionaries are in ministry have a fun week planned. Today at St. James the Less School in Columbus, it’s Freedom Day (students were to wear red, white and blue) and also Get Up Day (everyone in school was to get up and move one minute every hour).

At Immaculate Conception School in Celina, Ohio, students will “stop, drop and pray” at various times during the week. They’ll also create cards and letters for volunteers who were not able to be in the classroom this year.

At Sts. Peter and Paul School in Ottawa, Ohio, where a building project is going on, they’re celebrating the week with a building theme. On Wednesday, for instance, it’s “Building our Faith through Knowledge,” and the school will have a teacher swap.

We’re grateful for all who help build and sustain Catholic schools, which have been such a gift to our world!

Missionaries of the Precious Blood