Born:  Sidney, OH.
My early family life was in Sidney and McCartyville, OH.

Joined the Missionaries:   I entered Brunnerdale (High School) Seminary in August of 1956.
My First Profession to the Missionaries of the Precious Blood was on August 15, 1963.
I was ordained a priest on December 19, 1970.

What drew you to the Missionaries of the Precious Blood?:  My family encouraged my religious vocation.   They were faithful to daily and Sunday Mass and prayers at home.   When we moved to McCartyville, I became a more acquainted with the Hoying boys, Bro. Norbert and Fr. Vincent.  They were very supportive of my interest in a religious vocation.

What is your current assignment?:  On July 1, 2018 Father Provincial accepted my request to retire from active ministry at our Dayton Downtown Parishes of Holy Trinity, Emmanuel, and St. Joseph and he further stated that my residence would be at the St. Joseph Giano Mission House in Dayton, OH.   I’m blessed and happy, during this new phase of my life, to be able to remain in Dayton, to continue the experience of community life at Giano House, and at the Pastor’s request be available for parish ministry.

What is the most challenging aspect of your current assignment?:  After 48 years of active ministry in six different parishes and community administration, the challenge is to let go and let God lead me through each new day.   I’m programed for an active life style.   Now, it’s important to slow down and shut up, to be a community member who encourages and supports the leadership and the work of the Precious Blood Community here and around the world.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your current assignment?:  I enjoy staying in communication with family, friends, and former parishioners.  Sharing joys and sorrows, successes and failures is truly rewarding and energizing for me.

What did you do before joining Missionaries?:   I grew up on a family farm where we raised animals and grew crops.   Some of that down to earth work and skills followed me into the seminary where I milked cows on weekends to support community life during my Philosophy and Theology years.   I value farmers and their life style.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?:  Now in letting God lead me through the day I’m reading more novels and mysteries.  My golf game is frustrating, so I’m working on the virtues of patience and persistence.   My family loves to play bridge and go fishing, so hopefully more of that.  These are some of the things that occupy my spare time.

Aside from St. Gaspar, what are some of your favorite Saints?:  During my priestly assignments, I was blessed to be the pastor or associate for 6 parishes.   The parishes were named after saints and so it was natural to study, reflect, preach, and celebrate these individual saints.  Parish life centered around the  spiritual life and character of these saints.   So I’m prayerfully  attached and moved spiritually by these special saints:

St. Anthony of Padua, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. James the Less, St Adalbert of Prague, St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Joseph.

What is your favorite prayer:  C.PP.S. Prayer for the Society, Prayer of St. Francis, and the Memorare.

What is your favorite:
BookStrength to Love by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King
Food: Fried Blue Gill
Movies:The Natural, Field of Dreams
Holiday: Christmas
TV ShowThe Masters

How much money would you win on Jeopardy?:  One and Done.

Would you rather go skydiving or snorkeling?:   Change that to paddle boarding and kayaking, something not too aggressive anymore.



Missionaries of the Precious Blood